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Who we are

At AMKA Counselling we believe that well-being is the key to resiliency and adaptability as a professional. We offer one-to-one counselling support, workshops and presentations to our partners on questions such as developing a daily routine in remote work, adjusting to a hybrid working model, time management, exploring and achieving career goals, managing uncertainty, stress, anxiety and decision-making under pressure.

We also help employers enhance workplace well-being on the level of organisational culture. We support them in establishing a well-being strategy by exploring elements of their work environment that might be further developed from a well-being perspective.

Evidence-base is a key at AMKA Counselling: we work with evidence-based strategies and we monitor the effectiveness of our interventions using quantitative and qualitative methods, such as the WHO-5 Wellbeing Index.

We prepared the key ingredients to well-being and mental health at the workplace in the form of themed packages. Choose from our modules below:

Mental health and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about global health and societal challenges that affect us all. In this highly fragile environment mental health at the workplace and at home is more important than it has even been. If you feel fatigued, if you feel a lack of motivation, experience mood swings or a difficulty of setting your daily routine, your mental health might be affected. Have a look at our services to get support.

As experienced by our clients

I have been working with Zsofia Szlamka on the topic of resilience and the coaching sessions with her helped me a lot. I have managed to strengthen my resilience by discovering and facing my weaknesses and harmful personal beliefs. During only three sessions I did a very deep personal work under Zsofia’s guidance and emerged stronger. Zsofia was very supportive, nice, compassionate and knowledgeable. It was real pleasure to be guided by her on that journey. Thank you Zsofia and AMKA Counselling!

Kasia, legal services

“As a lawyer in a top tier global firm, it is quite hard to interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. AMKA gave me a life hack on how to accept the differences around me and not lose myself in such a working environment. The same guide I received for a commercial working environment worked as well for my personal life. My experience was simply amazing. I was elated.”

David, legal services