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At AMKA Counselling we are building a world in which workplace well-being is a core organisational value. We are a social enterprise supporting mental health and well-being at work on a remote-first basis.

Our community of highly qualified psychologists offers support in a variety of languages as part of thematic counselling modules. We bring evidence-based services to the workplace with a structured impact assessment framework.

We are on the journey of becoming a world-leading provider of well-being services for businesses.


We offer counselling support and psychoeducational curricula in the form of the following thematic tracks.

Our services are available in English, Spanish, and Hungarian. Please get in touch about the availability of support in other languages.

This is a foundational theme addressing common mental health- and well-being-related concerns at the workplace. We found that the topics and exercises covered in this programme are effective across industries, countries, and cultures. 

Stress and anxiety management

This module consists of techniques helping clients identify stressful life events, analyse, and understand anxiety and learn new coping techniques. 

Motivation and mindfulness

Understanding human drives and motivation theories can support self-efficacy. Meanwhile, practicing mindfulness promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Resilience and adaptability

Change management can be challenging. This programme offers support with uncertainty and dealing with changes in professional and personal life.

Early career planning

Being a junior colleague comes with its own challenges: how to work in a team, experiencing imposter syndrome, planning one’s career in the long run. This module helps with such challenges from a well-being perspective.

The remote and hybrid working environment

Since the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic remote and hybrid work environments have sprung up. Whether you are returning to work or working fully from home, this module can help address the challenges of managing new ways of working.

Location independence

Some colleagues may be working entirely remotely and also keep changing locations. In such cases support can be helpful with managing working across time zones, handling out of work hours emails, while adjusting to a location-independent lifestyle.

Understanding how our motivation levels change in different environments and across work spaces is crucial to boost our performance and self-efficacy. As part of this module you can learn about mood and motivation tracking strategies. Such techniques can help you better understand the best ways in which you can structure your work day and tasks. You will also learn how best develop a daily routine based on your motivation and activation levels.

The module is available in the form of individual counselling sessions as well as small group workshops.

Learning active listening and participatory methods 

Active listening skills and the use of participatory methods can boost teamwork, performance, and employee satisfaction. This module provides training on these very skills.

Managing power hierarchies 

Competition among colleagues can be tiring. Moreover, highly competitive sectors may sometimes present colleagues with strong power hierarchies. This module helps colleagues learn how to navigate such environments from a communication perspective.

Managing collegial relationships

Finding the ways in which we feel comfortable leading a team and communicating with colleagues is a key to team productivity as well as to our individual well-being at work.

Between caregiving and work

Many colleagues may have caregiving responsibilities while they work, whether it is raising a young child, taking care of elderly family members, or supporting someone with a disability. This module can provide help in finding a balance between caregiving and work responsibilities.

Planning for retirement

Thinking about when and how to finish working is just as important of a choice as when and how to start it. In this module we can support colleagues getting closer to retirement to plan for it in advance and build a smooth transition to a new life chapter.

Mental health for men

This module is available to support men in speaking up about their well-being and find ways in which they can cope with challenging life events.

Studies and mental health

In this module the counsellor can support building a balanced life-style especially to those who are studying while working. 

Understanding special needs and disability

Some of our AMKA Counsellors are specialised in developmental psychology. We can support colleagues and caregivers with understanding what a diagnosis of a neurodevelopmental condition means, how to manage it at work, and how to adjust everyday life to the needs.

Goal setting, priorities, and purpose

Finding our purpose, being able to set realistic and feasible goals and prioritise when needed are skills that support productivity at work and developing a health work-life balance.

Time management

This is a practice-oriented module in which the counsellor supports the client with improving time management skills for better work-life balance and productivity at work.

We help employers enhance workplace well-being on the level of organisational culture. We support them in establishing a well-being strategy by exploring elements of their work environment that might be further developed from a well-being perspective.

Examples include organisational hierarchy, power dynamics at the workplace, communication regarding promotions, conflict and task allocations, or communicating personal challenges and expectations among colleagues.

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