We prepared the key ingredients to well-being and mental health at the workplace in the form of themed packages. Whether it is time management, support with remote work or self-efficacy that your colleagues need help with, these packages are the answer. All our packages are available in three different formats: counselling, workshops, and presentations. All three formats are available in person or online, using a software at your convenience. Services are available in English and in Hungarian.

Our modules:



One-to-one counselling can help cope with difficult emotions, challenging or upsetting life events and mental health conditions. A session takes up to 50 minutes.

Problem-focused counselling: 3 sessions

This short, 3-meeting-long counselling package can support you in designing and trying solutions to an acute problem you are experiencing. The package has proved to be effective in managing the well-being related consequences of COVID-19. During the pandemic, some of us struggle with daily routine, others find it challenging to keep up with work from home and manage the household and there’s many finding it impossible to plan ahead due to the uncertainty of circumstances.

Career-focused counselling: 6-9 meetings

Counselling can help with questions around personality development and growth, career management, time management and stress- and anxiety-related issues. This package can help identify key challenges you would like to overcome and help you design and try solutions. The exact number of meetings is defined on a case-by-case basis, depending on individual needs.

Group package: Counselling in the time of COVID-19

Many companies and organisations consider taking special care of their colleagues’ and employees’ mental health given the circumstances imposed by COVID-19. This group package offers coaching and mental health support with the aim of helping colleagues adjust their daily routine, time management and organisational skills. It also helps with finding purpose, motivation and productivity while working from home.



A series of workshops is available to help small groups of colleagues learn together. We developed a six-session-long workshop series guiding the participants through the challenges of remote work, hybrid working environment, motivation and mood tracking, mental health, and leadership.



Talks and presentations are available about the following areas: mental health, well-being and resilience, adaptability, leadership.

New workshops:

Returning to Work

Mindfulness and Motivation

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