At AMKA Counselling we envision a world in which well-being is a core part of workplace and business values. AMKA supports its partners in developing employee well-being in the workplace. We are on the journey to become a community of psychologists offering well-being and mental health support based on trust, evidence, and excellence. We are always looking for psychologists who can join us remotely and support our clients in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Arabic, or in any other languages

Who we are looking for:

Team members, individuals driven by values and a mission aligned with ours. Colleagues who are interested in helping others as psychologists while also excited about being entrepreneurial and building partnerships with other companies. 

  • Psychologist with at least a masters level qualification
  • Considerable experience in working as a counsellor or in a clinical environment
  • Can deliver counselling in English
  • Has professional indemnity insurance 
  • Has stable internet connection and can work remotely 

What we can offer:

  • Client contact hours depending on available partnerships
  • Competitive hourly pay per counselling session delivered: the pay rate is based on the fee structure of counselling services per country where our clients and counsellors are based.
  • The possibility for you to build further partnerships and bring in new clients as an associate
  • An international team of psychologists
  • Being a start-up, there is a space for you to bring in and develop new ideas in the workplace mental health space 

If you are interested, please send your CV and a 300-word summary of your interests to 

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