Our counsellors

Counselling with Zsofia Szlamka

PhD Candidate (King’s College London); MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology (University of Cambridge); BA Psychology (ELTE, Hungary)

Member of the British Psychological Society (Membership Number: 555233)

Global Youth Advisor at Orygen Global Advisory Council on global mental health

I am a developmental psychologist, with experience in counselling and mental health support in English and in Hungarian. I have been involved in supporting the mental health of those in need during the COVID-19 outbreak through organising peer support groups and setting up specialist services.

I am also specialised in developmental disorders (for example autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and learning difficulties). I worked with caregivers of children with developmental disorders using parent trainings and mental health support.

Counselling with Dorottya Hazi

Licensed Psychologist, MA in Developmental and Clinical Child Psychology (ELTE, Hungary), BA Psychology (ELTE, Hungary)

Family and Couple Therapist Candidate, Member of the Hungarian Family Therapy Association

I am currently working in the fields of corporate mental health and employee counselling, developmental psychology (kindergarten child psychology and parental counselling), and family or couple therapy. Formerly I gained experience as a recruitment and business development specialist in the field of IT.

I provide one-on-one counselling services, workshops and presentations on workplace well-being in Hungarian.

Counselling with Belén Mac Donnell

Licensed Psychologist (USAL, Argentina); Specialisation in Stress Clinic and Psycho-neuro-immunoendocrinology and in Vocational and Labor Orientation; Postgraduate Degree in Psychological Evaluation and Diagnosis

I am a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in providing psychological support. Previously I worked as a therapist in Paediatrics in Clínicas Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in interdisciplinary care for eating and emotional disorders with teenagers and adults in Casa Hualpa in Mendoza, Argentina. I am an assistant lecturer in the Department of Applied Evaluation for Adults in Salvador University.

I provide one-on-one counselling services, workshops and presentations on workplace well-being in Spanish.

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