Belén Mac Donnell

Licensed Psychologist (USAL, Argentina); Specialisation in Stress Clinic and Psycho-neuro-immunoendocrinology and in Vocational and Labor Orientation; Postgraduate Degree in Psychological Evaluation and Diagnosis I am a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in providing psychological support. Previously I worked as a therapist in Paediatrics in Clínicas Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in interdisciplinary care for eating […]

Dorottya Hazi

Licensed Psychologist, MA in Developmental and Clinical Child Psychology (ELTE, Hungary), BA Psychology (ELTE, Hungary) Family and Couple Therapist Candidate, Member of the Hungarian Family Therapy Association I am currently working in the fields of corporate mental health and employee counseling, developmental psychology (kindergarten child psychology and parental counseling), and family or couple therapy. Formerly […]

Zsofia Szlamka

Ph.D. Candidate (King’s College London); MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology (University of Cambridge); BA Psychology (ELTE, Hungary) Member of the British Psychological Society (Membership Number: 555233) Global Youth Advisor at Orygen Global Advisory Council on global mental health I am a developmental psychologist, with experience in counseling and mental health support in English and […]